Friday, May 29, 2009

Turning 5 and the Future

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Sorry about the late post the internet connection was down.

Anyway on to the Season 5 premiere:

I think it was great how they spent so much time talking about the situation, the tabloids and all thats going on. One thing that made me sad was that they were only in the chair together once or twice, and when they were it was very awkward. Kate said they have spent 6 months dealing with the situation and have tried to work it out. "Very swiftly we changed into two very different people" Kate also said that she is very appreciative and thankful for the support of ALL followers; coming to her book tours and watching the show.

Jon says the show is his life and his career which is very true. He said he loves his kids, he loves his family. (But is there another person I ask myself).

Onto the tups, the twins and their house!! They look and they sound so much older I remember the first episodes so clearly and it's so cool how we have got to see them grow and change.Hannah's hair?! Boy is it long how cute! I notice that Kate is still using paper plates and that the kids are now getting up and disposing of their rubbish and bits and pieces by themselves. No bibs, and I didn't see a spill either! This is a weird topic but "Aaden's burps" I remember one episode where Aaden was burping and now just hear him!! I couldn't believe how much candy Kate let them eat it's amazing! THey were watching TV I noticed one thing they hardly ever did before. And the couches!? The house?! aren't they fancy now. I guess because the kids are older there is the capability to sort of keep it in good condition.

The party:
I found it sad when they were at the store when Kate said: "Quickly unbuckle and get ready," something like that. And Joel said "There's the papparazi." Kate then said we don't say that we call them the P people for when they go to school she doesnt want them saying. "Oh, the papparazi followed us to the store the other day, etc."

I think it was really cute how the tups got to invite their friends and Alexis' little Brayden! I was suprised to see Carla there I knew Kate wouldn't get rid of her completely! Alexis' moment with "Daddy" was sooo sad. "Daddy, I don't want you to leave again." And Jons reply was "Well sometimes I just have to be away and do stuff." :(

Kate's crying almost made me cry how she thought this might be the last family gathering?? And it seemed a bit selfish although true how Kate said "I did the party by MYSELF."

I think it was really good how at the end they all looked so happy as a fmaily having their bbq. :)


Sorry that the last scene is different the user deleted it. Enjoy!!

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