Monday, May 4, 2009

Day In The Life

I thought maybe the first video to put on should be Day In The Life.

Sextuplets Birthday on Sunday. It's going to be fun here.



  1. Kate I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work! Its always nice to have another fan site! xoxo

  2. Katie if you are really 12 years old - GET OFF THE INTERNET!!!! DON'T YOU HAVE PARENTS WHO CARE ABOUT YOU!!! Babymama is a lunatic and you should not under any circumstances look up to her. Go do some 12 year old stuff and stop worshipping false idols. Set up a Miley Cyrus or Zac Efron page - at least they have some semblance of talent. Get involved in your community, volunteer at church, study your schoolwork, anything but spending your spare time idolizing these miserable people.

  3. If she likes this stuff thats fine. they are great idols. Not everyone has to like Miley Cyrus or Zac Efron! I don't anyway.

  4. Day in the life part 1 is so cute!!! i dont know how Kate and Jon can look after them all. I think aaden is the cutest!