Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kate's Birthday Suprise/Sun, Seashells and Scrapes

Hi fans!

Yes I know my post is late this week has been really hectic and busy for me, so sorry 4 the delay.

Kate's Birthday Suprise:
I just noticed the new opening how cool!!
I think it was really great and sweet how Mady and Cara planned the suprise. It was sad that Jon was in Utah (National Ability Centre) snowboarding. But I guess he decided 2 go there. At the start Kate goes on again about how everything she has/does do is/was for her kids. She again talked about how great the book tours were and all the fans. Jon explained that there would always be one parent home while the other was out. He said how he has become the stay at home dad, which is weird while Kate is the career woman. He finds it hard because they used to both be home and they'd work as a team now it's different. It was nice to see them in the chair together again. Jon explained how it was a good experience working in Utah with Shane (I think) as his dad grew up looking after people like that for 30 years and it was a nice way for himself to give back. It was interesting how the kids now have so much sugar including after meal lollies and candy and yes I saw it the bibs are back! We saw Mady's braces and she seems to be dealing with them perfectly.
Kate said she was a little depressed that Jon wasn't there for her birthday and that there would be no fun! (what a shock she got!) Wow! The bus was really fancy, or so I thought. Kate's stress at the mess, who knew that was to come? Mady and Cara are so much older and very creative and neat.
It was so great to see the kids happy and having fun!!

Sun, Seashells and Scrapes:
Wow! What a holiday!! Mady and Kate's amazing "S" words to describe fun! I think its great how Mady has a lot more to say. I think it was a great family moment when they were all in the chair 2gether and talking 2 each other. Jon explained that sometimes they'd be in the chair together and sometimes they'd be seperate depending on how its going and he said they do have a schedule and stuff to do. The tups. and their teamwork and intellegence. amazing! Collin was soo cute when he said he was going to push the pole over. aww, so collin. The car is so cool both the kids one and the one Mady and Kate were driving in San Diego. A spa for an 8 year old as well as a pedicure, a manicure and a fancy meal with service!! I think it was sweet how Mady wanted to get her siblings presents. The kids are eating so much candy now, I wonder if its organic?! Poor Alexis with her lip, how cute with her frapee adn popsicles. Hannah was soo mature as she was saying goodbye and stuff, she talks a lot more now. I can't believe how old Leah sounds and Aaden's little attitude and the toilet incedent where he wanted 2 take a peek 2 see how it works. Is it just me or does Alexis' hair look really long?! The excitement over the cubby/slide was cute.
Kate says: "Is your love cup filled?"
Mady replies: "No mommy, it's overflowing."
How gorgeous!!

The videos:

So you know I will now be posting as soon as possible after the videos come out on youtube as I do no have TLC or live eps anymore.

I hope you will still come! PLZ

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